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Leoparda is leading the electric revolution in Latin America

Less than 1% of vehicles sold in Latin America are electric as opposed to 5% for the United States, 15% in Europe, and 40% in China.

Leoparda seeks to overcome the traditional challenges of EV adoption: EV cost, range anxiety, and charging infrastructure.

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We provide electric vehicles and a network of shared swappable batteries

Multiple electric motorcycles and purchase options
We are committed to building an ecosystem in which consumers have access to the widest range of electric vehicles and financing options possible.
Convenient and fast battery swapping for all vehicle types
We will create a high density battery swapping network in all major cities across Latin America. Users will be able to swap for a fully-charged battery in less time than it takes to fill up for gas.
Users pay half the price of their current solutions
Users will be able to rent motorcycles and access our battery swapping network at costs far below what is currently paid. Insurance and maintenance is included in the subscription..
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